House Tour: The Master Bedroom & Bathroom

If you missed the post on the bedroom level, click here.

Our final stop is the master bedroom which is one half-flight of stairs up from the spare bedroom level. ( legs are totally going to be toned by next Christmas!) Here’s a view from the spare bedroom level and you can see down to the front room and the stairs leading up to the master..


And here’s the master. No, those curtains are not ours. 🙂 And yes, this wall color is actually the most “neutral” color in the whole place (in addition to the light lavendar in the office). We really like having a lot of closet space and more room than our previous house had.IMG_4614

And it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a full bathroom right off of your bedroom either. Jackpot!IMG_4613Well…that concludes our tour. I hope your eyes were not blinded by the multitudes of color. We can’t wait to start working on projects and really making this our own!


2 thoughts on “House Tour: The Master Bedroom & Bathroom

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