House Tour: Bedroom level

If you missed the garage and Man Cave post, click here.

As we continue our tour of Joseph: The Technicolor Coat our colorful home, we’re heading upstairs to the bedroom level. Mentally take yourself back to the front room and this time, we’re going to go up a half-flight of stairs to the bedroom level. Here, we have 3 spare bedrooms and a full bathroom.

Immediately to your left after walking up the stairs is the guest bathroom. This is the biggest of the bathrooms and I’m excited to figure out how to decorate this room. I think it will be a fun project!


Straight across the hall is the the spare room we lovingly refer to as the “blue room.” This will be a second spare room if we have a house full of guests and most likely it will become a nursery down the road (no, that is not an announcement of any kind)!IMG_4608

Across the hall again is our main spare room that we like to call the “pink room.” This time, the former home owners truly outdid themselves. Not only did they paint the walls two different colors of pink, but they also painted the trim a magenta color. Wow. I did just score that yellow comforter for $26 on clearance from Target that was originally $86. Jackpot!


The next room, while a bit cluttered right now, is one of my favorite rooms in the entire house….my office/craft room!!! I am so excited to have a place to work from home and work on freelance projects. I also set up my childhood art desk and am hoping to start a few craft/art projects! Check out the awesome new wall art from IKEA! And yes, the lavendar is actually decent. IMG_4603IMG_4606IMG_4663Our last stop is one more half-flight up…the Master Bedroom! Click here for the next post.


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