House Tour: The Outside

It’s the moment you’ve been all been waiting for…a house tour! [Hold the applause please]

Pretend I have a tour guide name tag on. [Hi, my name is Angie and I’ll be giving you a tour of the highly infamous Casa De Lomas. Please keep all arms, legs and hairs inside the tour bus at all times. First stop: the outside.]

Before heading inside, I wanted to start with a photo of the outside so it would help you visually follow the layout of the house. As we looked for houses this summer and fall, we found that the majority of the homes in the area we wanted were split entry – a layout very popular in the 80’s which forced you to choose between going upstairs and downstairs immediately inside the house entrance. Brian was adamantly opposed to the split entry layout and I wasn’t a big fan either. There were so many houses we chose to not even look at because they were a split entry. Brian was interested in ranch houses, but I am really not a fan of the ranch style. (Can you tell that we were quite picky clients??)

Our house is considered a tri-level, which is one house layout that we both really liked. There are multiple half-levels, but you enter on a main floor opposed to entering to a staircase. So, when we looked at this house and we saw that it had a layout we liked PLUS it didn’t have major structural problems (like so many of the other houses we looked at), we knew it was a winner! Like they say…you just know when you find the right one…and we did!

Without further ado, here’s our new house with Christmas lights included!

IMG_6413To jump to the next post and continue the house tour, click here.


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