House Tour: The Family Room

If you missed the post on the kitchen, you can read it here.

Continuing the tour down to the family room, we’ve got a tone-on-tone look going with all of the greens. Again, not a horrible color on the walls, but it’s a little much for every single wall. Good thing paint is cheap not quite a million dollars a gallon. 😉

The family room is obviously where we spend most of our time watching TV hanging out together. It’s definitely a cozy room and we love having carpet (despite it’s color) after having an all tile-and-hardwood floor at our rental house. There’s just something about laying on a carpeted floor that makes you feel at home!


We have put our fireplace to good use already this year. If I had enough firewood, I would have a fire every night! Our family room tends to be a bit chilly because it sits on a cement slab and it’s one of the lowest rooms in the house, so when heat rises it keeps this room nice and frigid. (Keeping our thermostat at 63 could also be a reason for the frostbite). 🙂 I can’t say enough about our fireplace..I absolutely love it. We will be painting it white at some point also! 🙂 (Let’s be honest..I’ll be painting almost everything white..) 😉


The family room has a door out to the garage, a door down to the sub-basement, a door to a half-bath, and a door out to a patio in the backyard. It’s basically Grand Central Station.IMG_4630

A peak into the half-bath which lovingly initiated us into the world of homeownership by having a leaking ceiling the night we closed on the house. That story is coming soon…but you’ll see the patchwork that Brian is working on if you look at the top right corner of the photo…IMG_4635

Here’s a view from our patio…IMG_4637

Next up: the garage & Man Cave! Click here for the next post.


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