House Tour: Front Room

Welcome inside! If you missed the first post of the House Tour, click here.

Pay no attention to the fact that there is very little in this new room. When you go from a 900 sq/ft ranch house with no basement to a 1700 sq/ft house with 5 half-levels, you don’t have much to fill the house with! As you walk into the house from the front door, you’ll see this (5 points if you can spot Chigger):


As you enter, you’ll be standing in the front room (or “formal living room” or “great room”…official name to be determined). You look directly into the kitchen from here. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, those paint colors are beautiful…where can I get that paint for my own house?” And even more, you’re thinking, “dark green carpet…why have I never thought of that amazing choice!? This makes me question every style decision I’ve ever made!” I know, I know. You’re jealous. But don’t be too jealous, we will be painting and replacing floors as soon as we can save up the money for it!

This room currently has our Christmas tree in the bay window and some furniture that my parents used to have (which they just replaced with some nice new chairs!). When I heard they were going to get rid of these chairs, I jumped on the opportunity to get some furniture to fill up this empty room! I plan to move the chairs to the bay window once I’ve gotten our tree down and will eventually reupholster the chairs when I’ve determined this room’s color scheme.

IMG_4648 IMG_4619

In this particular room, our ceilings are 12′ tall! It will definitely be the trickiest one to paint and decorate. If you look super close, you’ll notice that our ceilings have popcorn ceilings. We were originally going to spend the time to scrape all of this off and smooth it out. But, after living here for a month, they really don’t bother us as much as we originally thought. So, we’re going to skip that project for now and go directly to painting. If we decide later that we just can’t stand them, we’ll work on that later. It’s just too big of a project to tackle right away! You’ll also notice that our walls has the “knock down” texture on them. I’m not a fan of it, but again, it’s way too much work to try to smooth out walls throughout the entire house. Odd fact: the kitchen, master bedroom and sub-basement don’t have the same texture. Weird!

IMG_4616IMG_4622I suppose it’s time to start taking down my Christmas decorations. But, since we didn’t move until the beginning December and we didn’t get our decorations up until mid-December, I figured we were allowed to leave them up for a bit longer. In fact, I’m listening to Christmas music as I type this. Time to get over the denial that the holidays are over, I suppose!

Well, now that I’ve got you totally drooling over paint and floors, we’ll move on to our next room..the kitchen! Click here to jump to the kitchen post.


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