Post Easter thoughts

Easter was such a day of celebration for me with ending the fast, but not in the sense that I thought it would be. During the first week or two of the fast, I could envision myself gorging on chocolate and meat and cheese and and everything my little mind could fathom. But that’s not what it was like at all. My first meal was breakfast with my family…ham, egg, cheese hashbrown cassarole. I started out slow. I wasn’t craving meat. Sugar didn’t sound remotely appetizing. That’s when I noticed the growth that had occurred during lent. These foods were not controlling me. I had control over what I said yes and no to.

For lunch we had turkey loaf and cheesy potatoes and tapioca jello. I ate what I wanted, but didn’t over indulge. On the way home to Kansas City, we stopped and got coffee. It was oddly not all that I had imagined it to be. That night we had pizza and soda. It was a day of celebration.

But what I found was that these things were not what controlled me anymore. After it was all said and done, my head felt clearer. I felt God’s presence all around me, something I hadn’t felt for a while. I felt joy and a peace, rather than guilt or shame. I felt free. That was the celebration.

Since then, I’ve done fairly good at eating what I need to eat. Sure, there are times when I probably over do it. And Starbucks…well, it’s a slippery slope. It’s easy to get caught up in bad habits. But the fast taught me some important truths..that Jesus can and will break those chains that we can so easily get caught up in. That those foods can’t ever satisfy…in fact, they can actually make you feel pretty crappy if you eat horribly.

I’ve still been working towards the 5k and that has been really healthy for me. I’ve been eating better and my body feels a lot more free than before. There are times of celebration and feasting, and other times of discipline and fasting. It’s a balance. It’s moderation.

And the fact that I’ve gotten to this point…stronger mind, healthier body, and nourished spirit…that indeed is a celebration.



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