Lent: week 4


I’ve officially hit the half-way mark!! Woo hoo!

Week four was pretty uneventful. Since I had gotten behind on my 5k training, I jumped to the end of week 4’s run rather than doing week 3. It was surprisingly not that hard of a jump! I originally wanted to squeeze the 8 week training into the 6 1/2 weeks of lent, but that may not happen, and I’m slowly becoming okay with that. I also haven’t done my “Breaking Free” study for a while. I started it up again this week, but I was also hoping to complete that by the end of lent, but that definitely won’t happen. I am beginning to realize that all of this is a process. It is actually probably healthier for me to still have a study to complete and possibly my 5k training after lent ends, because it may help me transition into a more healthy lifestyle once this ends. I tend to be an all-or-nothing person, so once this was done, I could easily see myself tossing it all out the window. I don’t want that to be the case, though.

In “Breaking Free,” the first chapter is all about the pride that some of the kings of Judah had. It can be so easy for us to be prideful that we won’t be attacked by the enemy or fall to temptation, but that is because pride has made us weak. It’s a good reminder for all of us.

One of the hardest parts of week 4 was our staff lunch that we have once a month. This month they had fried chicken! Another thing that I shamefully admit that I really like! It smelled delicious. The further into the fast I get, the more ready I am for it to be done. Thankfully I’m over the halfway mark, so I’m on the downhill run now!

Also, towards the very end of the week, I hit 180.2…although I wouldn’t be surprised if I go back up a pound or two. It seems as though I’ve leveled off for a while, which is okay considering I’m not really watching my calories at this point.

I will have to say, that is the one thing that may still be a bit of a struggle that I haven’t worked through on the fast…portion control! But, I’m giving myself a bit of grace, since I’m trying to tackle so much at once.

3 1/2 weeks to go!


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