LENT: week 1


Week one was a doozy. You know you’ve overloaded your body with caffeine and sugar when it takes almost an entire week to come out of a “fog.” Wow. Couldn’t stay focused. Couldn’t think clearly. And I could barely stay awake…especially the first day! My body craved mochas and chocolate like crazy. It’s all part of the withdraws, I guess. The 5k training was hard, too. The first week’s runs should have been easy…1 minute run, 90 seconds run, back and forth for 8 rounds. Day one was hard. Day two was even harder. My legs screamed in pain. By the end of the runs, I felt like an elephant just trying to plop down my feet without falling off. Day three wasn’t quite as bad, when I decided to use my new running shoes. Wow…new shoes make a world of difference. I’ve officially decided that there is no way in the world I’ll ever be able to run for 30 minutes straight! I started the week at 190.2 pounds. I’m not trying to lose weight on this, but I’m sure it will happen naturally, so I’m keeping track. I also bought “show me the way” by Henri Nouwen, which is a book of “lenten readings” as well as “Breaking Free,” a Bible study by Beth Moore. This week was rough, I survived….so on to week two..


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