LENT: Day 2


Well, I feel like I’m dying. Or at least that’s what my mind is telling me. And the bad thing is, I haven’t even hit the caffeine withdraws yet. Is it because today is Valentine’s Day that this is so hard? Chocolate everywhere, free coffee coupons flooding my email..what was I thinking? There have been multiple times today that I’ve already wanted to quit. If I make it to Easter, it will truly be a miracle.

My mind feels so weak. The thought of completing this sounds amazing…but seriously, I have my doubts. And somehow, I mistakenly forgot how much preparation this took when we did it last year. This literally stops you in your tracks from simply “grabbing something” because you’re too busy. Because nearly everything you’d grab…fast food or snacks..are off limits. Hence the reason I just took a trip to the grocery store during work to pick up some pistachios, natural peanut butter and natural baked corn chips.

Yesterday I read this great thought from one of Henri Nouwen’s books. I thought it appropriately summed up what I’m trying to accomplish during this…


My prayer is that God will truly reveal himself to me through this, no matter how long it lasts. And that I will have a renewed mind because of it.


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