LENT 2013: the day before


Tomorrow, the first day of Lent, I will embark on a spiritual journey. I am quite excited about it, to be honest. Let me tell you about it. For quite a few years now, I have felt pretty challenged spiritually about how I treat my body (foods I eat, how active I am). It goes back to 2009 when I first posted about it here on my blog. But if you’re a regular reader here, you know that my discipline to that conviction flip-flops more than a politician trying to earn votes. It’s happened enough that I can honestly say that I feel it is my “thorn in the flesh” as Paul write about in 2 Corinthians 12:7. As soon as I get prideful, thinking that I’ve conquered this struggle, I find myself devouring truck-loads of chocolate and avoiding the gym for days, months, years.

Overeating and laziness (or “gluttony” and “sloth” as they used to call it in the olden days) are my vices. If you’re familiar with the idea of “seven deadly sins“…these are two of them. 

So I’ve been confronting this issue for a few months, with a friend, as we read through an amazing book, Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas (highly recommend it!). As I’ve been reading through it, and we have been inching closer towards Lent, I’ve really been feeling the need to just “reboot” my mind and soul when it comes to food and being active. Reading a book hasn’t been enough for me. Trying to do devotions hasn’t been enough. I need to live out Romans 12 as it talks about being a living sacrifice…I need to give up the very things that drive me. I must surrender the very things that make me tick. When I am sad, I run to food − not God. When I am excited, I run to food − not God. And I am sad to admit that my personal comfort is more important than God’s convictions on my life. But I’m tired of that being true. I want to change. I need to change. 

So, in order to do that, I am feeling led to do the Daniel Fast for the entire time of Lent, as well as the Couch to 5k program.

There are a few things I hope this will accomplish: 

1. Reboot my mind and soul on the matter of food and the issue of laziness, which has been the greatest hindrance in my spiritual growth for quite a while now.

2. Encounter God in new and refreshing ways. 

3. Come out of Lent with a renewed energy to tackle life, both spiritually and physically, rather than shrinking back because of my own comfort.

4. That food and my own comfort will not drive me. That I will crave God more than food. That I will run to my Maker in times of need rather than the fridge.

During these 46 days, I hope to blog my thoughts every day…or at least a few times a week! I’d love for you to join me on this journey in any way you see fit…whether that is praying for me (I’ll need it!), fasting something of your own or just simply following along on the blog. And just as a disclaimer, in no way am I blogging or talking about this so that others will see me as somehow superior because I’m fasting. That’s not what a fast is about, and it is certainly not Biblical to talk about a fast just to get attention. My hope is that others struggling with this issue of gluttony or laziness will realize that they’re not alone. 

I expect these upcoming 46 days will be an intense, soul-searching time in my life, but I am excited to come out the other end a stronger person who is more in love with her Creator than ever before. Ultimately, Lent is not about itself, it is about Easter. It is a time of preparation and deprivation so that we truly remember the freedom and celebration that Easter brings.

If you’re considering fasting something during Lent, here’s a short video for you to watch to explain the idea of fasting. Until I blog again…take care!


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