A new year…

2013! A new year….excited to see what it brings! I normally do a “theme” for each year, but for some reason, I never sat down to think of one for this year. It didn’t help that I was sick on New Year’s Eve and fell asleep well before midnight. But, that is on my list to do…come up with a theme! Here are a few things that have happened lately…

• We had a great Christmas with family! The holidays went WAY too fast. Did it seem like we barely had a Christmas to anyone else, or was that just me?  (The official Christmas post will come later)…

• Our nephew, Eric, was in town so we got to hang out with him at Christmas time and also this past weekend before he flew back to Colorado.

• We started chemo again last Thursday. We’ll do the next round this Thursday. They want to do another round after this one, and then do another PET scan. Then, we’ll do another DLI.

• Brian got me a Roku for Christmas and I remembered that I have a free trial of Amazon Instant Prime to use before it expires on Jan. 12 so I have started a few shows that I’ve wanted to get into and I am TOTALLY sucked into Parenthood. Seriously, one of the best shows I’ve seen in a LONG time! I’ve actually learned a thing or two about communication and marriage from it!

• I am trying to start back up the healthy habits again…so I started tracking my calories this morning and I plan to go to the gym at lunch. It’s not fun stepping on the scale and seeing that you gained back all of the weight you lost before the holidays. Not cool.

• With the new year, I’m trying to process through my priorities and figure out how to get my routine to revolve around those things. I’m just stuck on the fact that if it means I have to slow down even more in order for God to be #1 and my husband to be #2 and my health/spiritual disciplines to be #3, then maybe that means giving up even the “good” things in my schedule. So far, that is still a mental process and it hasn’t become a reality yet.

• Our church started singing this song lately and it’s been stuck in my head lately. It’s SO good. You can’t go wrong with Hillsong or a remix of a great hymn!


2 thoughts on “A new year…

  1. Just came across your blog – You are Brian are in my prayers – just started my Daniel fast and I promised to dedicate tomorrow as my prayer day for Brian’s healing. Hold onto the Lord hand and never let go!

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