Good news!

On Monday, December 17, we went into the doctor’s office anxious to hear the results of Brian’s latest PET scan. We got all settled and our favorite doctor, Dr. Abyankar, came in with the highly anticipated papers in his hands. Then he began to explain it….. “It shows that all but one spot have completely responded” He handed us the papers. The PET scan results normally reads something like “This spot measures 8.90 compared to previous scan of 7.34. That spot measures 3.54 compared to previous scan of 2.34. This spot measures 5.54 compared to previous scan of 4.54.” …or something to that effect. This time, it read something like…”This spot has had a complete response compared to previous scan of 10.34. That spot has had a complete response compared to previous scan of 8.39.” There was only ONE spot that was still there….and it had shunk from an SUV of 10 something to 2 something!!!! What does this mean??…..

Drum roll please….

Brian is in NEAR REMISSION! He only has ONE spot right now that “lights up!!!!!!!”

Praise GOD!!!!!! Oh it is such good news!

We know that the chances of it returning are good, but we are celebrating this moment and truly taking it one step at a time. The doctors would like to continue the chemo for another round or two to get it to complete remission. They also mentioned possibly doing a 4th DLI which we are totally up for. Usually they only do 3 DLI’s, but they are open to letting us do a 4th to see what it may do. Basically it’s getting booster cells from his Bone Marrow Transplant donor (his sister) and hoping that the cells will “boost” his system.

The doctor also told us that he was okay waiting until after the new year (Jan 3) to start back up his chemo, rather than doing his 3rd round over the holidays. Hoorayyyy!!!!!

Just wanted to share that awesome news with you all!!

And as awesome as we think this news is, we can’t help but thinking about the best news of all during this Christmas: That Jesus came to rescue us all and to heal us all of our human sickness, sin, and that because of that good news and great gift, we don’t have to fear death. We have been given eternal life if we just believe.

Now THAT is GREAT news!



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