Homemade Christmas Wreath

Well, being an artist and designer, you’d think I’d have more craft projects on here. Truth is, I don’t craft things nearly as much as I should. (Shame on me). Usually it is because: A) I’m a cheap skate and don’t want to spend the money on supplies, B) I don’t have a good place to be crafty or have ideas of what to create, or C) I just don’t take the time. Which, the most common reason would probably be answer “C.”

Christmas Wreath

I don’t really have an excuse for answer “B” now, since we have our own little rental house plus two little sheds for the heavy duty woodworking. And this project cancelled out answer “A” since it was entirely free. That’s right…I got extra crafty and decided to try to make a wreath out of items I already had in the house. Not only because I’m a cheap skate when it comes to craft supplies, but because we’re livin’ on beans & rice until next pay day. Boo.

So here’s how I made this awesome (read: FREE) Christmas wreath…

I tried many different ideas and materials, but landed on something fun and “fabulous”….here are the “ingredients” you will need:

#1 Cardboard (I used a pizza box)
#2 An exacto knife to cut out a circle
#3 Tape
#4 That crazy crinkly paper confetti stuff-I used red (is that descriptive enough??)
#5 Ribbon (I used silver gift ribbon..not material ribbon. I think I need to work on my description-writing skills)
#6 Some type of ornament or object to hang in the middle of the wreath.

First, start by cutting a ring out of cardboard…whatever size you want. Mine is a little over one foot wide. (FYI: I used a pan lid and a mixing bowl as circles to get my circles even…this image is a fast rendition, since I didn’t think about taking pictures as I was actually making it.)

image_1 image_2

Next, Grab a handful of your crinkly confetti. The bigger the handful, the more “fluffy” your wreath will look.


Then, Just take your ribbon and start looping around your ring and bind down the confetti paper. Do this until you’re all the way around the ring. The good thing is that this project is forgiving, and if you realize the wreath is not “full” enough, you can always go back around and add more confetti and ribbon.


Lastly, I hung a snowflake ornament in the middle (attached by some silver ribbon) and used some silver ribbon to hang the wreath on my front door (I have a weird glass paneled “screen door” so I hung it on a glass panel. Hang your wreath however it works for you on your own door.


You could also add some of that fun glittery star wire (again, the descriptions are lacking)…you could also try to find some battery operated Christmas lights to wrap around the wreath..that would be fun! (Although, you’d have to test it…make sure the paper confetti doesn’t catch fire..yikes!) You could also do this with bunches of fabric, but it wouldn’t give that fluffy crinkly look.


We’ll see how it holds up to weather. Our roof comes out past our door, so the rain/snow shouldn’t touch it much..but this may not be the wreath for your door if it has direct contact with the “elements.” I’d hate for you to have colored streaks of ink from your paper wreath. 🙂 Crafter beware. 🙂

I’m excited about how this turned out! It’s got a fun crafty look, doesn’t look too tacky, and it adds a fun Christmas feel to our porch! Now I just need to get rid of that pumpkin out there…..


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