Sacrificial thanksgiving

Right now we are at the Cancer Center getting chemo. Yes, even on Thanksgiving. Cancer doesn’t take a holiday. As I was sitting here trying to pass the time, I wrote a bit on my electronic journal on my iPad. I thought I’d share it today on a post. Sorry about the handwriting…it’s still a little tricky writing on the iPad with a stylus.




3 thoughts on “Sacrificial thanksgiving

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love you. My heart has been heavy all morning for you and Brian. I want to scream “this is not fair”. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for Psalm 116. I can hardly wait to put my arms around you both…and never let go!! Prepare yourself:) Love, mom and dad

  2. Girl. I cried when I read this. For lots of reasons. But just know that I love you, miss you, and I’m praying for this ordeal to be over soon!


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  3. I just happened upon your blog because of the picture of the burnt lasagna (!) and then began reading about your husband’s (and your) battle with cancer. You two are on my prayer list. If you could email me, I will share a funny picture I made with your burnt lasagna and the hopefully encouraging story of my daughter-in-law’s experience with a brain tumour.

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