We’re moving!

Pretty much everyone that knows us already knows that we’re moving! Just a few miles away from where we live now, but this time, we’ll be moving into a rental house! I’m so excited to get out of the apartment scene and have a little place that has a yard for our dogs! 🙂 My lungs/asthma/dog allergies will thank me. 🙂

We are moving next Friday morning, which means I really shouldn’t be blogging..i should be packing! Yikes!

After searching lots of different houses and stalking Craigslist daily and never finding anything but scammers, I was at the point of giving up. I mumbled some little prayer like “okay God, you know best. If we are to move into a rental house, you find it.” And sure enough, the very next morning, Brian found this place online. It mentioned that they only wanted one pet, but I called anyways and the lady was willing to work with us! We met her the very next night to check it out and learned that she is a Christian and goes to a church just south of where our church is. God is SO good!

The little house is just a few miles east of our PV-KCI campus, so we’re really close to church. Our yard backs up to a field, so we’re basically “in the country” but still only 5 miles from every store we can imagine! God knew EXACTLY what we needed and wanted, and he delivered in a way only he could.

Here are a few pictures that were on the Craigslist ad that we found it on, and a handful that I took when we walked through it. More to come, once we get moved and settled! (click picture to see a larger version)

Okay….now I’ve GOT to go PACK! Time’s a tickin’!


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