Sierra Leone

Another exciting thing happening in my life is the possibility of going to Sierra Leone this May or June. Sierra Leone is a tiny country on the West side of africa (where the continent bulges out on the upper half of the West side).

Quick background story: I am working on some graphic pieces for an upcoming Missions weekend and was meeting with our Global Outreach Director when she mentioned that we may be starting new mission in Sierra Leone. Without thinking, I sat forward in my seat and said ‘I LOVE AFRICA…i want to go back!”

Later that day she came up to me and asked if I was serious about going to Africa, and mentioned that they were getting together a team for a “vision” trip. Since she will be having a baby soon, she wouldn’t be able to go, and thought that I may be a good person to consider filling her spot. Ever since then, I have been pumped up to go. They still haven’t finalized the team or the dates…but if they do end up having me go with them, it would most likely be in May or June and it would be paid for since it is a vision trip (a trip to experience the place, get a feel for the receptivity of the Gospel, give staff members/leaders a better ability to cast vision and excitement for a new mission area, etc). can just be praying for that….about the final details of securing the team members, about the other girl spot they are looking to fill, about the time frame and those details to come together, and for me as I seek direction from God to make sure this is what He wants from me and just not what I want. Also…it turns out that my passport expires this year because it was TEN years ago that i went on my first missions trip to Jamaica (wow! time flies!!!)…and my name has also changed…so I’ve got to get on that ASAP! Please pray me through this possible adventure….All glory to Him!


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