Hello, grown up world

In a few days, I am going to turn 26. Call the fire department, I’m about to light up my birthday cake like a bonfire.

Did you know that starting on January 1st, I went full time in my position at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church? And not only did I go full time, but they changed my title from Communications Assistant to Graphic Designer. (finally, im putting my $80,000 degree to “official” use!) I got business cards with my name on it, too.

The other day, I just found out that (after 2+ years of asking…) they are giving me an OFFICE, too!!!! In our church office, we have cubicles, and then what I like to call “fake” offices which are really tall cubicle walls with a door and a window next to the door..but the walls don’t go to the top. And then there are real offices. I never asked for a real office. Just a “fake” one. But with a number of staff changes and additions, they decided that our church office needed a make-over and needed a few more “real” offices. So…in that turn of events…they decided that I should move into one of those. A real, honest-to-goodness, walls-to-the-ceiling, door-that-I-can-shut, walls-i-can-decorate OFFICE!

All this to say, I feel beyond blessed. I feel speechless, honored, humbled, and so so so incredibly grateful. And i want to be quick to give Jesus the credit. Nothing I did or achieved has gotten me any of this….it was ALL Him…in his timing, in his way.

God rocks.

So, with all of this happening…I definitely feel the need to dress more trendy/professional and “up my game” as a designer. So….if you have any fashion advice or Communications/design advice..pass it along. It would be greatly appreciated!


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