Happy 2012

It is a new year. And like everyone else, I want to be better. I read a blog yesterday that said “It is funny the feeling that January brings.  A feeling of discontentment that is motivated to change.” I guess I am with everyone else…I want to change. But the problem is…often…we want the result, but we’re not usually willing to put in the time or the effort or the intentionality to make it happen. I don’t know about you, but when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, it’s not like a switch is flipped and suddenly i want to run a marathon and save every penny I earn to pay off debt.

That’s why, this year, my theme is “Willing & Obedient…”

…which comes from Isaiah 1:19-20, “‘If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land; but if you resist and rebel, you will be devoured by the sword.’ For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.” This is my friend/mentor, Randi’s, favorite verse. I never really understood why…i thought it sounded like a brutal, savage-like verse. That doesn’t make me feel warm, fuzzy feelings. But the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I realize how true it is! When we rebel against God, we are eaten alive by the sword (the truth, the Word of God, the knowledge that we KNOW we are wrong). Sure, we may feel like we’re doing our own thing and it doesn’t matter if we go against God, but those actions will just cause us to feel more and more distant from God, more and more convicted, more and more miserable the farther we try to run. But when we willingly obey God, it is as if we’re living like kings!

Most of the time, I am able to get one of the two right…either willing or obedient. But it’s hard for me to get both right. Sometimes I’m willing..I desire change..I desire to be holy..but I never end up taking the steps to do so. Or sometimes I obey..I do what I know I’m supposed to do..but I’m definitely not happy about it! I’m pouting and muttering the whole time.

This year, I want to be willing AND obedient.

Of course, you’ve heard me say it a million times, one thing God has been working on me about for years is the way I honor Him with my body. The way I keep it healthy, the food I feed it, the ways I am active or inactive. This hasn’t changed. It is just one of many areas that I want God to help me become willing AND obedient.

And, just like everyone else, I have some goals for this year as well. They aren’t totally thought through at this point, but they are some things I’d like to work towards. I’ll have to be very intentional about these things, because I get distracted at the sight of the tiniest thing, and I’ll fall off track. But here are some goals for the year…

• Be disciplined in exercising & lose some weight (that’s everyone’s goal, right?!)
• Read the whole Bible.
• Start & stick with a “365 photo” project..taking a photo every day of the year (so far, im 0 for 4)
• Pay off $10,000 of my student loan
• Develop a better cleaning routine

So, there you go…some lofty goals….

But above all, this year I simply want to be WILLING & OBEDIENT.


2 thoughts on “Happy 2012

  1. Love this! Being “willing” is something I definitely struggle with as well, as I want to do things my own (ahem…better…ha) way. Want to see you soon and hear your heart!

  2. If there is one thing I took from your blog, it is this idea. I remember you posting a couple of years ago that you summarize your resolution into one thing to focus. I have since then expanded this idea to my family’s resolution.

    This year’s theme: self control – doing what we should do, not what we want to do.

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