Moving & the plague

Well, we finally got everything moved over to our new apartment unit thanks to some great friends! I luckily got everything packed up late on Monday night, and some of Brian’s friends were here early the next day to get started. Some of my friends came shortly after and helped us move all of our stuff from one apartment unit to another unit. Luckily, our new unit is on the bottom floor so it was much easier moving in than it was moving out! I love our new apartment! Even though it is the exact same layout, there are a lot of little features that are much better than our old apartment…like darker carpet, a darker wood laminate in our kitchen, nicer floor tile, a ceiling fan in our dining room, a light in our pantry, lots more shelves and towel racks, and its on the ground floor! Oh, and brand new carpet, paint, and FRESH AIR!! PRAISE JESUS!!!! We were so thankful for our friends who gave their time and energy and muscles to help us move! We all went to Pizza Shoppe after we got most of it moved and we PIGGED OUT on some pizzas and diet cokes!

The night before we moved, and all day during the move, Brian had started coughing quite a bit (just like I had already been doing for a few days). By the time that night came, Brian had a splitting headache and “heavy lungs.” That morning I got up around 8 and was unpacking some things when my phone rang…it was Brian, who was just in the bedroom a few feet away. (Side note: the only other time Brian has called me from the other room was when he was coming down with his painful liver scare, right after we moved our stuff into our last apartment…apparently moving is not good for Brian). I answered the phone and Brian said “is it FREEZING in here!?!” I wasn’t cold at all, so I knew we were in trouble. Brian was burning up, but the thermometer didn’t show a temperature. He barely had a voice and he was aching all over. He had already called the doctors and they told him that they would be postponing his chemo treatment, but to still come in so they could figure out what was going on. I started ripping open boxes (cuz remember, we had JUST moved the day before!) and I found a sweatshirt and sweatpants for Brian..and I found enough clothes to piece myself together and we headed down to KU Med. We probably looked like a bunch of hobos. By the time we got into the doctors and they had run a few tests, he had a temperature of 102. He was freezing the whole time and had tons of layers on plus a couple of blankets.

They finally came to the conclusion that he had an upper-respiratory virus and that it would have to run it’s course. We were to come in every day until his fever broke. They gave him IV antibiotics and a prescription medication and after a few hours, we were sent home. By that night, Brian’s temperature had thankfully broken, but we still went into the doctor’s office for the next 2 days so he could get his IV antibiotics. On Friday, they discontinued his IV antibiotics because he was feeling better from his initial symptoms, but his mouth was starting to break out in some really big, painful canker sores and cold sores (probably fever blisters from his fever). The doctor prescribed him another drug for his mouth sores and I also picked up some Abreva and some other kinds of lip glosses to aid in healing this mouth sores.

Since Brian felt miserable from Wednesday through Sunday, and I felt like I was still fighting something until Friday night, we stayed home for the rest of the week and all of the weekend. I only ventured out a few times to get some groceries, medicines, or some much needed coffee and movies. We basically quarantined ourselves. Even though we felt crummy, Brian especially, it was honestly kinda nice to just be alone with each other and lounge and enjoy being together.

Brian’s mouth is starting to finally heal a bit and his swollen lips are slowly starting to get better. We both felt good enough to go back to work today, thankfully! I’m glad we got rid of the plague this time!! Now we just have to be extra protective and cautious of the germs and infections going around!! This was an unfortunate reminder of how weak Brian’s immune system can be while he is currently undergoing chemo.

Below is a picture of us on Thursday at the doctor’s office, in the waiting room. Every day we went in there, we had to wear these masks and go into a special quarantined room for sick cancer patients, so that we didn’t infect anyone else.  image

Chemo is scheduled to either be Wednesday or Thursday of this week, pending on how Brian is feeling. We will keep you updated. As always, we appreciate your prayers!

PS- If you don’t have our new address and feel like you may need it, let me know and I’ll email it to you.


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