Recent events in photos

I’ve been meaning to post about some of our recent outtings, but I keep failing to find the time. So, since I’m procrastinating on getting things packed up for our apartment move, I thought this would be the PERFECT time to post some photos. I seem to get a lot done when I’m procrastinating on a big project. 🙂 haha.

There are over 80 photos in the slideshow below, but here are the events it covers….

1. The bonfire night we had with our small group last Friday night. It was SO fun…I’m excited to do it again sometime!

2. The date we had a few weekends ago when we “explored Kansas City” again. Those are always a fun time! We went to a local KC coffee company’s factory, The Roasterie, and took a tour…followed by samples! Then we went to a yummy restaurant in the “West Bottoms” area of KC called “The Westside Local” where everything is made of local items…Brian had an assortment of “appetizers” as his meal, and I had an AMAZING chicken salad sandwhich and fries. It was GREAT! Then we went to The Roasterie Cafe to experience this coffee in all it’s glory…in a mint mocha! YUM!! Brian had a white chocolate macadamia nut mocha and it was delicious, too! Then we went to Lowes to scout out different types of woods for a possible making of a Long Bow (no pictures, sorry!), and finally we went to see the movie Contagion!

3. Lastly, some pictures from the pumpkin patch/apple orchard that we went to last Saturday…we found the perfect pumpkin and bought some DELICIOUS apple cider! (which, come to find out later, was not made from their own apples…it was from another orchard in KC…ugh! tricked!)

Here are all of the photos….

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One thought on “Recent events in photos

  1. Love the Roasterie sign and airplane…the Westside Local reminds me of Smokey Row and your pumpkin is perfect!!!! So glad for your Kansas City dates!! Love you!!

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