Week 6(ish) weigh in

So…I doubt any if you noticed, but last week (week 5) there was not a weight challenge update. As much as I could say that it was a mistake, it actually was not a mistake at all. You see, normally I’ll weigh myself on Monday morning and then text Andy to see if he’s weighed in or not. Last week, the routine was the same. Except that when I saw the scale read “184.4,” which was 1.4 pounds more than the week before, I wanted to hide. Sure, I could give every excuse in the book..”things have been crazy” or “it’s been a very stressful week” or “i’ve been emotional”…the truth is that I really just didn’t care about being healthy last week, i didn’t eat well, i didn’t work out…and…well, it showed on the scale. I thought “well, I wont mention it to Andy and just see if he remembers to text me his weight…but i’m not bringing it up this week.” Well, as I had figured, Andy didn’t remember to weigh in…and so, I just let things slide. I’d rather just be in the darkness. Well, my idea of working really hard to get back to my previous week’s weight didn’t really work…in fact, I really didn’t do much this week either. Luckily I didn’t gain anything, but i didnt lose either. The other day Andy brought up the fact that we had skipped this past week’s weigh in and that we’ll have to do a 2-week weigh in today. I’m glad that he brought it up, actually. I’m glad that I couldn’t stay hidden in darkness. Life is found in the light…truth is found in the light…transformation is found in the light. Lesson learned.

Starting weight: 263
Last week’s weight: 257
This week’s loss: 0
This week’s percentage loss: 0%
Total percentage lost: 2.28%
Total weight loss: -6
Current Weight: 257

Starting weight: 188.8
Last week’s weight: 183.0
This week’s loss: +1.4
This week’s percentage loss: +.74%
Total percentage lost: 2.33%
Total weight loss: -4.4
Current Weight: 184.4


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