Moving update

I’ve been waiting for a few things to be confirmed before I wrote this update, but now we’ve got a few more details nailed down. Let’s just say that it’s going to be a stressful week or two at the Lomas household!

The apartment guy finally came over to our place the other night to check out the condition of our place to see if we’d have to pay another security deposit on our next unit or if we’ve kept our place nice so we can just transfer the fees. It was nice to hear him say “wow, your place is really nice.” Not that I didn’t already know that…but it’s nice to hear that. 🙂 I can only imagine the nasty apartments he’s seen…gross! Since we’ve kept our place in good condition, everything will transfer over to our new apartment and we won’t have to pay for new security deposits, etc. (which only makes sense since it’s not like we WANT to move..we’re doing it out of pure common sense for our health!) They want us to be able to move on November 1st so that our rent can just automatically start next month at our new place..the goal was to get us the keys a few days before so that we could get moved in..which was perfect because we’d have that whole weekend. The one bummer is that we’ll have to start another full year lease at this new unit, so we’ll be staying at this apartment complex for another full year.

A few days later the guy told us that they had found us an apartment that was only a few buildings from us and we’ll be in a bottom unit. Since the previous tenants had JUST moved out, they hadn’t even had a chance to go in and assess the place, so they told us the earliest we would get the keys would be Friday, but he would let us know on Monday when we would definitely be getting the keys. It just depended on how the new unit was left and if they’d have to do a lot of repairs before we could move in.

Well, Brian called them today and we found out that we won’t get our keys until next Tuesday, November 1. Boo!!! I was really hoping to get the keys this weekend so we would have all weekend to move in and get some people together to help us move. I’m really nervous about running Brian down right before his next treatment (which, did I mention was November 2???). now we don’t get the keys until November 1. UGH! We’ll still have the old place for a few days so we can get completely moved..but Im really wanting to be completely moved in by Tuesday night because once Brian’s treatments happen, we need to focus on that and that alone.

So, we’ll just say I’m a little stressed out. Luckily I still have tons of vacation time at work that I have to use by November 17, so I’ll be taking a few days off this week to pack, and definitely Tuesday/Wednesday of next week to move and then to unpack and go to Brian’s treatments. I was hoping that I’d have this Thursday and all weekend to slowly move boxes from here to there, and get as much of it done on my own as possible (while Brian was at work) so he didn’t get too worn out. But, now that we can’t move until Tuesday (the day before his treatments), we’ll have to get it all done that day…during the week while people are at work. Boo. Hopefully I can still get a few people to help during the day with boxes, and maybe later that night to help us move the big stuff. The good news is that we’re only moving a few buildings down… least, I’m going to tell myself that it’s good news. 🙂

Anyways…This seems like a silly request, cuz it’s not life or death…but could you just pray for some extra grace and endurance for me..for us…over the next week or so? Just to get everything packed and then to get everything moved next Tuesday…it’s the day before Brian’s next treatment and im worried he’s going to be worn out, and I’ve got a big freelance project that I need to get wrapped up soon and for some reason i’ve got a ton of projects that have landed on my plate this week at work as well. I don’t mean to complain… it’s just really got me stressed out. I know I just need to take it a day at a time…it just seems like I’ve got SO MUCH to do between now and then…I just dont know how it’s all going to get done, and how we’re going to manage to get through it without completely running Brian into the ground. Again, caregiver’s guilt, I suppose. But it’s my job to care for him..and being able to protect him from all of this strenuous work was one way I was trying to care for him…I was hoping to get most of it done on my own…but now that we have to move all in one day,  i’m just not sure if I’ll be able to protect him from much of it after all.

Anyways, id appreciate your prayers this week. Thanks.

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