Today’s Adventures

Today we had a fun little outing after Brian got back from the woods, so I thought I’d share!

Since we are going to the Royal’s last Sunday home game of the season tomorrow, and we usually tailgate with his friend Nick, we thought we’d do a vegan tailgating meal this time! So, we decided to bring back a recipe we had once and liked…BBQ Pulled Pork Jackfruit! What is a Jackfruit, you ask? Well…it’s a huge green spikey looking thing that they grow in Malaysia. (See the pics below) You can’t find them in normal grocery stores…you have to go to an Asian market to get it. They sell it in cans for just under $2…much better than buying an entire jackfruit which is like 50 pounds at $1.50/lb! Here is the recipe if you’re super interested in making it…which, I understand if you dont…but it actually tastes just like BBQ pulled pork and it shreds the same way and everything! (The jackfruit looks like white pineapple in the can). The only thing that is slightly off is that it’s not as chewy as pork, but thats okay! It’s only like 35 calories per serving and no fat like pork! So at least it’s not going to clog your arteries! 🙂

We originally went downtown to go to the big Asian grocery store down in the Rivermarket area, but we thought that since we were already going to be down there, we might as well go to Happy Gillis as well! Happy Gillis is one of the places we went on one of our all-day, “explore KC” dates…it’s a super yummy sandwhich shop! I used their bathrooms today and they are completely BARBIE PINK..they’re awesome, so I just had to take some pictures. 🙂 We love Happy Gillis. 🙂

I also took a picture of a cute little house/apartment down by Happy Gillis with a teal door, garage door, and little porch table with flowers. It was so cute. Funny that this place is close to downtown, and yet, this little area is just a little quiet neighborhood!

So that was today’s fun little adventure. Good times! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Today’s Adventures

  1. I like that you comment on my blogs. It makes me feel like someone is actually reading this thing and Im not talking to the wall. 🙂

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