The Blank Page

A blank screen. A flashing cursor. What do I write after I’ve virtually been gone from my blog all summer? It’s been months without a word written. How do I even start?

Sometimes I feel like this when I design, as well. There are so many daunting challenges to a blank page, but so many endless possibilities as well. So much room for creativity. So many opportunities for new experiences.

Yet, I’ve noticed, the paper will always be blank until I choose to put that first mark on the page. Difficult or exciting, you have to start somewhere. And that’s where I am with this blog.

I suppose facing the blank page is a great metaphor for staring at an unknown future. The “what if’s” in life. The things that may be lurking around the corner. I suppose we face these unknowns–these “blank pages,” if you will–on a day to day basis.

What if our paycheck won’t cover these bills?

Where will we be living a year from now…or even a month from now?

Will there be a day when I wont fall to this same temptation?

What if the test shows that the cancer has progressed?

What if I lose my job? 

What if my dreams don’t ever succeed?

I guess you could say that we all wake up and face our own “blank pages.” But I think, just as with art..or writing…or blogging, we have two choices: we can either keep staring at the blank page dazed in fear or we can jump in and make the most of it. Make the most of the day. Make the most of the situation. And trust that God is carrying you the whole way through, no matter what the canvas looks like when all is said and done.

It all hangs in the balance.

And therein lies the beauty of the blank page.


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