Phone photo dump #1

We’ve all seen those overly prepared women who carry their massive Nikon SLR cameras in their fancy-pants Coach purses, ready at any second to grab their five foot, 300 pound lens…dive face first into mud…just to capture the most amazing memory on camera.

I am not that woman.

In fact, even when I do have a regular digital camera with me, I almost always forget to bring it with me to such-and-such event to capture those great moments (Just ask Brian about his 6-foot 3 1/2 foot paddlefish we caught on the Lake of the Ozarks).

Therefore, I am usually stuck with my little Android phone to snap those award-winning photos. And then I have great intentions of putting them on my blog (again, just like those over-achiever women). But then I never get around to putting up the photos and eventually my phone gets so full that I have to remove the photos to have my phone operate properly. 300+ photos would make my memory run slow, too. So…I finally downloaded all of those photos onto my computer last night.

Rather than go several months back and try to catch up on every event, I thought I’d just do a few “phone photo dump” posts and share some highlights of our past few months. :) So here we go… :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For Valentines day, we made fish, asparagus, and rice..and just watched TV. How romantic… :)

Then my car (Sheila) needed to be fixed…and, long story short, we had to drill holes in her floor board to loosen a bolt that was completely stripped and would not come out. That bolt happened to be completely enclosed in metal. Only my car would have those kinds of problems…


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