PET Scan results 5-10-11

“Stable with slight increase.” That was today’s final results after waiting in the waiting room for over an hour, and then in the room for nearly another hour (sadly, this is not the longest we’ve had to wait). Sometimes, I’ve been told, when they make you wait longer, the results may be horrible.

Luckily, they were not horrible. They were not amazing either. Again, there in the middle of the road. Of course we were hoping that there was a decrease in cancerous lymph nodes, but that was not the case. However, the increase was small and the growth appears to still be moving at a very slow rate. THIS is great news. It could have exploded and we would have been oblivious to it for 7 months. Like one of my friends reminded me…no “bad” news is actually GOOD news! So…I guess you could say our response is also “in the middle of the road.”

We’re a little ambivalent to the whole results thing. I’m confident that God can eradicate this horrible disease from Brian’s body by just speaking the word. Why He has not done that is beyond my mind’s comprehension. I also know that He is good and His plan is perfect. But of course there is the human side that just really wants to see those numbers getting smaller..not bigger. We don’t want to be moving in this direction..we want to be moving in the opposite direction.

Where we stand at this point is the same that it has been for the last year or so…we can either choose to “watch and wait,” we can look at doing clinical trials (which are slim because of the amount of treatment’s Brian has had that eliminate him from eligibility from most of them), or a few rounds of different types of chemo’s that Brian hasn’t tried yet. Brian also asked about the possibility of doing a 4th DLI (donor lymphacyte infusion)..which the doctors will discuss in the coming week. Normally their maximum is 3 DLI’s. So we’ll see. If we’re not planning to do treatment any time soon (because once you use it, it’s one less “weapon in the arsenal”), then we’ll probably do another scan in another 4-5 months.

So..there’s that.

One more PET scan out of the way, one more step along the journey, one more memory made. Now we just continuing fighting this beast and continue to pray for God’s total healing, His wisdom, His guidance, and His provision.

After the PET results, it was about 4:30 (yes, our appointment was at 2) and so we decided to go out to eat with Brian’s parents..who came to the appointment with us. We went to Oklahoma Joe’s..YUM!

I’ve  been battling a cough and some sinus drainage for the last day or so and it seems that ever since our results appointment today has ended, I’ve just felt progressively worse. It’s probably a combination of getting sick with some sort of sinus thing plus the release of a lot of stress. So, now my body is just revolting and I’m feeling rather crappy tonight. Hopefully the medicines I’ve taken tonight along with some good rest will help kick in and I’ll be feeling fine in the morning. Let’s just hope!

Anyways, so that’s the update. Thanks for praying along with us.




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