Running to avoid running (part 2)

Yesterday I shared that God has been speaking to me for a while about living a healthy lifestyle out of obedience to Him and to be a good steward of the body and life He gave me. When I say “a while,” I mean a few years. And I also shared that every time I sit down to do a Bible study or devotional, if I’m not lined up with that call and I’m being disobedient to Him, that is the only thing I hear Him saying to me during those quiet times.

And that annoyed me, so I started avoiding Him and my accountability all together. And I got distant and grew numb and complacent and indifferent about things that mattered to God.

Until lately, when God started stirring my heart through some good conversations and some good books. And I started desiring to be close to God again. I started asking Him to give me a willing and obedient heart to the things He was calling me to do, whatever that was. And of course, one of the first things that entered my mind was the “healthy lifestyle” thing. And I was going to shut down again. I wasn’t going there again.

But then I started reading the introduction to a new study I’m doing about hearing God’s voice. And within a few paragraphs, the author was talking about how special it is to get a gift that was specifically picked out for you. And that when God speaks to you, He is speaking just to you alone…He is giving you a gift (His Word) that fits you perfectly, that is designed for you specifically, and that picked out for you on purpose. There is a reason why he is saying certain things to you. And then I started thinking about the whole “healthy lifestyle” thing.

God keeps talking to me about that one topic for a reason. I’m not sure why, exactly, but there is a reason. There’s a purpose for him telling me that and not someone else. Maybe he wants to use me. Maybe he has great plans for me through this one issue. But if I am never obedient to Him, if I never find true victory in this area of my life because of my total dependence on Him, and if I never come to fully understand that HE ALONE is my portion and supply…then how will I ever be able to share what God has done in my life in that one area? And maybe that’s part of what God has for me.

Then again, maybe it has nothing to do with Him wanting to use me for a greater purpose concerning this topic, but maybe it’s just that he simply wants me to be obedient. Regardless of which it is, the thing that just “clicked” this time is that this whole time I’ve been annoyed that I can’t have a quiet time with God without him bugging me about this whole topic…when honestly, I should be blown away that God is STILL speaking to me! He hasn’t just become silent. He hasn’t stopped talking. Sure, I may have been annoyed that it was about the same tough subject…but I’m beginning to think that I’m pretty dang blessed that God cares enough about me and enough about this subject that he continues to keep trying time and time again to get through to me. The God of the UNIVERSE is consistently speaking to me! Maybe this time I should listen and try to gain every little ounce of growth that God wants to bless me with through this whole thing.

So, I guess now is the time that I stop figuratively running and start literally running!


2 thoughts on “Running to avoid running (part 2)

  1. That is good stuff.

    I don’t know what book you’re reading (or is it still the Radical one?) where he talks about God’s word being designed and picked for you, but seriously…that really resonates with me. I am continually reading about trust and about His faithfulness in my quiet time and I actually started getting annoyed how it seemed like that was the only thing I kept reading about. Now it makes sense.

    I will be praying for you, and yes, isn’t it so good that He loves us so much that He continues to speak to us and continues to try to get His message through to us, even when we’ve turned our backs or become numb. He is so faithful.

    I love you and LOVE hearing your thoughts.

  2. this is encouraging, i have started to view eating as a form of worship and like you when i started i would do good but i would fail, being consumed by my own desires and selfishness. hearing your story makes me feel better and normal about what i am doing. though this process is long and hard i feel like i will grow much more. do you have advice about going about this? i encourage you to submit and continue to submit. god will bless you for it and its something everyone needs to be doing, laying themselves down and picking up their own cross.

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