Another Blog Facelift

I got bored again and decided to update my blog. I’m pretty excited about this one. I’m still working out bugs and shifting things around…but I’m loving the header. 🙂 Time to slowly move away from “thatangiegirl” and actually use my real name. At least, that’s the kick I’m on now.

Speaking of facelifts, if you were a fan of plastic surgery and had the money….what part of your body would you get worked on?

Me? I’d probably get a tummy tuck or lypo suction.

No worries…I’d never really do it!


4 thoughts on “Another Blog Facelift

  1. Love the new look!!

    And I would definitely do the tummy tuck thing. Shall we go together – ha!!

    Love you guys!
    Aunt Annie

  2. Love the new design – Angie Lomas:) I would have botox to get rid of that deep crease in my forehead (which is not from scowling) and whatever it takes to get rid of belly fat – sit ups just don’t work anymore.

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