Radical (the book)

Did you watch those videos? Yeah. That’s the premise of the book I’m reading. Holy buckets, hold on tight.

Honestly, this book makes me entirely too uncomfortable. I’d rather just drop it off at Goodwill and not think about it again. This book is making my stomach turn and my toes curl. It is starting to make me question everything…

• How have I justified the Gospel to fit my American life?
• Have I just spun the American dream into a Christian version and believed that the biggest and most excellent and most attractive church or ministry will be the most successful?
• Or that, given the right strategies or enough determination and hard work, I can alone accomplish my goals for my life and my ministry…rather than being utterly dependent on God and his power?
• What is a true “need” and what is an American “need.” Is insurance or a retirement fund a need? I’d think so…but most of the world lives without it…so is that just an American “need?”

I’m only 2.5 chapters into this book, and it’s messing with my head. How does this book, Radical, line up with Dave Ramsey’s way of doing things? Is there middle ground? Is this just extreme and God doesn’t REALLY mean that? Or is that me just finding a way to compromise the Gospel and again fit it nicely into my American context.

GULP. This book terrifies me.

What are your initial thoughts? Have you read the book?


One thought on “Radical (the book)

  1. I have not read the book, but think it will make for great discussion. Always remember, this is one man’s interpretation of God’s word. We each have to determine what God is saying to us within our relationship with Him.

    Not sure I liked or agree with his statement on worship.

    I read this in my devotions today and it seems to go along with what he is saying.

    What are the signs of a self-centered life? An obsession for our own success, an overriding concern for our own security a zealous pursuit to satisfy our emotional needs.

    What are the signs of a Jesus-centered life? a pre-occupation with His glory, a dependence on His ability to provide and protect; a pursuit of His kingdom. A Jesus-centered life is a life that fits with God’s plan.

    My observation relates to the extremes: obsession; overriding, zealous.

    I also think that what looks radical in your life my be different from what is radical in my life. God has a purpose and plan for all of our lives and the ultimate result is God’s glory.

    Thanks for challenging my thinking and stirring my thoughts.

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