I have nothing to say

Okay, so maybe I do, but maybe I lack a little self confidence lately. Maybe I don’t know what you want to hear. Or maybe I don’t know what I want this blog to be….is it funny? Is it thought provoking? Is it a place to present my creations? Is it an informational blog? Is it a newlywed type blog?

But I guess the thing I concluded while processing these questions today is that blogs, social media, etc, can be great things…but like any great thing, i think the enemy finds the ability to create footholds in these types of hobbies (as he does with any other hobby, enjoyment, etc). Satan inevitably distorts great things into not so great things. And I believe that with this new technological era comes a whole new set of vices: stat-junkies, comment-aholics, and the creation of a million more ways to just promote ourselves.

At times, I feel this overwhelming pressure to say something magnificent. I feel this insecurity that I have nothing special to say. I find myself in this vortex of craving comments, yet not feeling adequate to say anything of worth. And in the middle of that vortex, I come to find that, rather living as salt and light of the earth, the enemy has me pre-occupied and in search of one more ounce of worth that may come from this whole blog thing, like an addict frantically searching for one more ounce of substance on the kitchen floor.

News flash: bianary codes and pixels of color cannot satisfy your soul.

And yet, on the other side of the spectrum, I believe that the enemy has the ability to whisper lies in our ears that are simply not true….but they sound so good and so true that I tend to follow the illusion of truth rather than truth itself. The enemy tells us we have no worth. We are no good. We have nothing to say….

But I dont think God would give us the ability to create (since we are made in the image of Him, The Creator)….if we had nothing to contribute to this world.

We are unique. We are blessed. We all have our own story. We all have something that God has done in our lives, whispered on our hearts, and written into our stories. And I believe that we have the obligation to share that song that God orchestrated.

So here’s to walking the line…..between the cravings for comments on one side and listening to the destructive lies that say “I have nothing to offer” on the other.

Here’s to writing again…


One thought on “I have nothing to say

  1. oh my dear, you have no idea how much you say ( without saying a word) as an old neighbor would say ( I’d rather see a sermon than hear one)this I know you so inspire me with your writtings.
    LOVE grams

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