Going smaller & Starbucks' new cup size

This week, Starbucks introduced a new cup size for iced drinks called the “Trenta.” Hidden agendas aside, I love Starbucks. Nearly every morning I go through the battle: “do I get Starbucks this morning or save my allowance for later?” I consider it my morning routine. I often cave and head to the nearest drive through and get myself a drink. It’s an addiction. It’s my weakness. It’s a habit I’m trying to kick.

Brian and I had a conversation about “the little things” in life that make it so great. It came up because his grandparents’ tradition at Christmas is to give out boxes of chocolates. For them, growing up in the great depression era, one little chocolate was a special treat. Perhaps for the next generation it was grabbing a Coke at the local convenience store. And for our generation, maybe that is specialty coffees. Except for our generation, we typically get anything we want…whenever we want it. (hello national debt and recession)

I sadly think that we’ve lost the “magic” of those little things. I think we fail to experience the anticipation of going to get a 10 cent piece of chocolate once a month and savoring every single ounce of it. Why would we savor something if we can eat as much as we want, whenever we want? I fear that I’m seeing that in my own life. “Getting coffee” is something that I want to consider as a treat. If Brian asks me if I want to go grab a coffee, I want to be absolutely giddy about it….not responding with “Sure, sounds good. I had one this morning, but I can always get another one.” I fear that I am too spoiled.

The more we consume (and I’m not just talking about food and drinks)….the less we savor. The less we are grateful. The less we appreciate the hard work that we put into earning this moment/food/drink/gift/etc.

Today I am drinking a Tall Starbucks coffee. “Tall” (12 oz) is now the smallest drink on the menu (although they do offer a “Short” size, which used to be the smallest before America wanted everything larger, and it is a healthy 8 oz.). Two years ago, I used to down an Iced “Venti” (20 oz) coffee with no problem…and sometimes go back for another “Grande” (16 oz) later in the day. WOW. Now, I savor my “tall” latte a whole lot more.

It’s better that way.

I want to challenge all of us (myself included) to do the opposite of Starbucks (and every other super-sizing company). What if, instead of choosing to go bigger, we choose to go smaller? What if we even chose, not only to choose the smaller size, but to consume less in general? Go to Starbucks less. Go to Chipotle less. Go to the movies less. Go to Macy’s less. Go to Best Buy less.

Choosing to go smaller is not about saving money or saving calories. Going smaller is about savoring those things when we do get them. It’s about being more grateful. It’s about appreciating the hard work that got us there.

I’m choosing to do the opposite of Starbucks. I’m choosing to go smaller. Will you? What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Going smaller & Starbucks' new cup size

  1. my dear sweet granddaughter, you are so right there is the old saying LESS IS MORE.most of it is just ( STUFF).
    and after the flu I feel like some one thru me out with stuff
    GOD BLESS you two love grams

  2. I love this concept. Denying myself something so that I will be able to savor it more. You expressed your thoughts very well in this blog. I’m still contemplating it all. Thanks for making me stop and think. I need to learn to be “in the moment” of whatever I am doing – not racing on to the next thing in my mind and missing the moment – savoring the experience.

  3. I cannot express to you how much I love this. It’s been something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately solely for the fact that I’ve realized that I’ll probably be living in New Sharon forever. You write beautifully Ang.

  4. Thanks so much for all of the comments! I soooo appreciate your feedback. It keeps me wanting to write! And Kallie, I love your blog, too. I know that i can always count on you to make me laugh. 🙂 And hey, New Sharon isn’t so bad. Truth be told, I think I could move back to Osky and be totally okay with it. There’s something special about simple living…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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