Christmas Letter 2010

Since we had a limited amount of Christmas cards, I thought I’d put it online for everyone to read if you’d like…. Although the actual letter is much cuter, so you can download that Christmas Letter here..

Merry Christmas!

As a disclaimer, I wasn’t planning to add a letter to our Christmas card, but after Brian and I talked last night, we both agreed that we probably wont ever have a year quite as eventful as 2010! So here I am writing a Christmas letter. We are officially the old married couple! 🙂

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. Last year around the holidays we had iust started dating (although the official day we began dating still remains up in the air). In December, Brian and I went to a Tran-Siberian Orchestra right before Christmas and enioyed their awesome rock and light show. It was awesome! I hope we can go again some year!

In January, with Brian’s health up in the air, we wanted to get out of town for a few days and just explore another city and have fun together just in case we didn’t get a chance to do that later on. We decided to go to Nashville because one of my friends from work had just moved there and we were able to stay at her place while we were there. We had a BLAST exploring the surrounding nature areas, the honkey-tonk strip, the Gibson guitar factory, and the Parthenon (no, not the one in Greece)! Oh, and we also started a “Seriously Dating & Engaged” class (which is basically a pre-marital class). Yes, only one month after we started dating. Hey, when you know, you know! (At least I knew … not sure about Brian!) 🙂

In February, I decided last minute that I would go to Haiti to help in the earthquake relief. God had definitely confirmed my decision when He helped me raise over $1700 in less than 2 weeks! The trip was definitely another eye-opener for me and I saw things that I probably never will again see in my lifetime. Patti (my now-mother-in-law) was also on the trip, so it was a great way to get to know her better. Also in Feburary, I celebrated my 24th birthday with a suprise party thrown by Brian, as well as a day filled with things I loved … including a massage and Starbucks! We also found out, after anxiously awaiting PET results, that Brian’s cancer hadn’t grown! Woo hoo!

Besides another PET scan and Brian’s nephew, Eric, coming into town, March wasn’t too eventful, but in April, Brian went hunting with his friend, Frank, and also went hunting a few times on his own and ended up shooting a turkey! We also went on a great “explore Kansas City” date (which, by the way, I totally thought he was going to propose at the end of it … but he didn’t!) We also went to a Hillsong United concert towards the end of the month and I later found out it was also the day Brian bought my ring.) 🙂

May was another busy month! On Friday, May 7, after another long, amazing “explore got ENGAGED!!! Woo hoo! It was a story for the books and didn’t exactly go as planned…but it’s a great story nonetheless! We decided on Oct. 2, 2010 as the wedding date. Andy (my brother) also got married on May 29th. It was a cute little wedding on the campus of MidAmerica Nazarene University (where we went to college).

June was extremely eventful, but not in the “fun” sort of way. Brian moved into his new apartment and since my apartment lease was also up that month, I also packed up and moved all of my stuff into his apartment and began my adventure as a gypsie as I began to live with friends until our wedding (still planned for October). On June 30, Brian had extreme pain in his side and after hours rushing between the doctor’s office and hospital, we found out he had a 7cm mass in his liver. Within a few days, we had moved up our wedding to July 24th.

In July, we found out that the mass in Brian’s liver was not Hodgkin’s Lymphoma … woo hoo! However, we still do not know what exactly it was. We think it was a side-effect from the radiation he had only a few weeks prior on a couple of his vertibrae. July was packed with wedding planning, and we had a great set of family and friends chip in and help us get it all finished! We also celebrated Brian’s 28th birthday and I got him a climbing tree stand which he loves! We were married on July 24 at 2 p.m. and the wedding was perfect, if I do say so myself! 🙂 We stayed in a hotel nearby that night and looked forward to our honeymoon that was still scheduled for October. What a great (but HOT!) month!

In August, we were blessed with paid airline tickets to get down to MD Anderson for another opinion about Brian’s health and treatment plan. While we didn’t get the information we were hoping for, we did still have a blast exploring Houston for the 2.5 days we were there. We went to the NASA Space Center, the Gulf beach, and a few great restaurants!

In September, Brian got to go bowhunting for the first time in a long time. He was beyond excited! He got a deer hauler, scent-free body wash/shampoo d eoderant, a scent locking suit and covered himself in doe pee. (eewww) But he did get his first deer with a bow on opening day!

In October, we went on our honeymoon to Puerto Rico and it was amazing! Brian’s friends have a timeshare and they gave it to us for our wedding gift. What a blessing! I could write another 5 pages about the great trip, but I know you have all sorts of better things to do than read our Christmas letter! Needless to say, the beaches were gorgeous, the resort was incredible (the pool was open 24 hours!), and we made a ton of great memories.

In November, Brian shot a buck with his rifle and he also got baptized! It was a great baptism service and we had a great time celebrating a big moment in the lives of all who were baptized that day. Later that month, we also celebrated our first Thanksgiving with his family, and then later that weekend with my family. Thanksgiving officially marked one year together.

In December, so far we have decorated our apartment for Christmas, we have gone to staff Christmas parties, we’ve finished our Christmas shopping, and we even gave our dogs their presents early (another bed and a sweater for Chigger) … Chigger’s sweater already looks like a shredded Britney Spears shirt gone wrong.

That’s our year in a nutshell ….phew! God has blessed us beyond belief this year and we are amazed at his constant provision and grace in this new journey as a married couple. Thanks for all of your love and support, as well. To stay up-to-date with us, read our blog at or Angie’s blog at

Merry Christmas!

Brian & Angie Lomas
(and Charms & Chigger)


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