Red Letter Year

I updated my portfolio page (click on the portfolio tab up above). As I scrolled from the bottom to top, I was amazed at how much I’ve “grown” as a designer in the past 2 years since being at Pleasant Valley and having a job actually dedicated to communications and design.

I’ve been mentally pacing back and forth about a certain design now for a few months. In 2011, PV is digging into the gospels and taking a long look at what Jesus said. The whole year will be called a “Red Letter Year.” We’ll have the regular 4-6 week sermon series, but they will all be lumped under the umbrella of the “Red Letter Year.” A design that must stand strong for AN ENTIRE YEAR!

Yikes. Talk about pressure.

When I feel the pressure, I do what I do best…procrastinate.

haha. just kidding. (sort of)

I knew that this week was the week that I had to crack out this design and I have put so much pressure on myself to make this thing amazing that I absolutely blanked out of any good design.

Until I was staring at the ceiling last night in bed because I couldn’t sleep. I was mentally designing, creating, erasing, adding, moving, and wadding up the paper and throwing it in the trash can of my mind until finally I mentally stumbled upon a great concept. A concept that, for the most part, was executed pretty flawlessly. Of course it is nearly impossible to get the exact image from my head onto the computer, but I’m pretty proud of this design. I think I can stand looking at it for a year…..maybe.

As my friend, Debbie, always asks “Tell me the thought process behind that so I can understand your mind.” (Sidenote: if you ever figure out my mind, let me know, because i havent). So here’s a glimpse into my mind while designing this:

First, being Red Letter Year, I wanted to use RED. (duh). 🙂

Second, also being Red Letter Year, I wanted to use the actual words of Jesus in my design, so I copied the entire text of Matthew 5 where Jesus gives his sermon on the mount. If you look really closely, you will be able to read nearly the entire chapter, line by line, with the exception of a few letters or words cut off by the edge of the design.

Third, like I said previously, the whole chapter of Matthew 5 is Jesus talking…they call it the Sermon on the Mount. I thought it would be cool to actually depict Jesus talking, so why not just recreate the Sermon on the Mount scene? I googled a few Sermon on the Mount images and then began to create my own “scene” in silhouette form. After a few splicing and contrasting and filtering (which I wont go into because most of you will start to tune out), I had created this image using the entire text of Matthew chapter 5 in silhouette form.

Fourth, I used Times New Roman as the title font because nearly every Bible you read seems to be set in Times New Roman. It’s big and bold, and for me, it just screams “Bible” because of the font. (If you really want me to get nerdy, it totally reminds me of NIV One Year Bible font.)

Lastly, I originally had the title in a speech bubble. It was cool and different, but I wasn’t sold on it. I threw it out to our Creative Team to get their feedback, and they weren’t sold on the speech bubble either, so I threw this scroll design in there and it still portrayed that Jesus was speaking, yet more subtle.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. What do you think? (click the image for a larger view)


2 thoughts on “Red Letter Year

  1. What do I think? I think it’s incredible. I loved hearing how it came together, because honestly I always wonder too! Makes it so much cooler… I didn’t even notice a lot of those details before. So so so good!

  2. I love this! I want an official print to keep in my Bible!! I did not notice the text in the background of the sermon on the mount. Totally awesome!! God definitely inspired you and this will be an inspiration to everyone who sees it – all year long!! I’m proud of you. This is a part of the answer to many prayers for God to “enlarge the territory of your spiritual influence” from the Prayer of Jabez.(I Chronicles 4:9–10).

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