Smiles, mail, and holidays.

Holidays are the best. I mean, seriously, the best. The smells, the weather (don’t even get me started on this topic..we’ll save that for another post), the food, the decorating, the happiness that is in the air. But the best?

The mail.

I can’t tell you how often I run to the mailbox (okay, you got me…i dont run) and open the little locked door and am so disappointed when it is yet another BILL. I hate bills. I even feel sorry for guys named Bill, because really, who likes a bill? No one.

Anyways, back to the mail. That’s one reason I love holidays. Because you actually have a higher percentage of actually, possibly, hopefully getting at least one card or letter.

This card or letter is often times much different than the other letters you get….they often times have fun stories and lots of cute pictures filled with smiles and Christmas trees and pets and happiness. Ahh, much better than then dreaded BILLS. Smiles are just much more appealing than a bill. That’s all I’m saying.

This year, now that I’m married, I guess it means it’s my turn to do my very own Christmas card with my very own family! Oh man, there’s so much pressure. First I must decorate and get the tree up, and pray that chigger doesn’t leave us a present under there. And then get the dogs all pretty and maybe even in cute little outfits…and then getting them to sit still for a picture. Oh man.

Luckily, one thing I don’t have to worry about is the kind of card I’m going to send because has this great thing going (and we all know has some killer designs for their photo cards!) …if you’re a blogger, they’re giving you a chance to get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly this year, click here for more information! (Be sure to select Clever 1000 as the referral source.) Pretty cool deal.

Here are a few of my favorites….

Click here to view the product above.

Click here to view the product above.

Click here to see the product above.

Click here to see the product above.

Click here to see the product above.

Click here to see the product above.


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