Stumbling to succeed

These old and familiar habits, they’re hard to break. The soothing, fancy latte that dances on my tastebuds and slides down my throat. The warm, comfortable bed that seems to hang on tight when I get the notion to get out of it in the morning. The often thoughtless movement to grab butter or cream or some sort of other fatty goodness to throw into a meal. These things seem so second-nature to me and I am stumbling and struggling to get into a new and healthy pattern of living.

Sure, I’m doing well on my calories each day and have at least gotten a few sessions of exercise onto my schedule, but it could be better. I could get to the gym much more than I am now. I could probably skip a few things that I’m eating that add no nutritional value to my body.

This time it’s harder. I’m not sure why…it just is. It’s discouraging and hard and tiring….but it’s good. It’s beautiful and healthy, i guess you could say. At least I’m moving forward, right? And I think that’s something to be celebrated. At least I’m starting to make an effort. I’m not stuck in the land of wishing-and-wanting…i’m actually trying to step forward each day. Sure, there are quite a few days that I’ll trip up or fail to keep moving…but overall, I’m still moving forward.

So i guess, even though the journey is messy…I’m making progress…and I may always be stumbling to succeed…but at least, someday, I hope to succeed.


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