Fall goodies

If there was a Domestic Diva of the Week award, I would have gotten it last week. I’m telling you, I was Martha Stewart’s arch-rival last week in the kitchen.

On Tuesday, Brian had a work potluck and his men’s group that night (and we all know that at men’s ministry get togethers, there is an unspoken competition about whose wife can make the best goodies…so of course, being a new wife, I had to come out of the gate strong and show everyone that there’s a new wife in town!).

On Wednesday night, it was our turn to bring treats to our small group.

On Saturday night, Brian hung out with his friends to watch a football game and they decided to each make something to bring for dinner that night, and Brian got stuck with desserts….so, off to the store I went!

And then on Sunday afternoon, we had his grandma’s birthday party.

Talk about a full schedule! (Can you notice who is the social butterfly in our marriage?)

So here are the things I made last week (oh, did I forget to mention that, yes, I still did cook dinner every night as well)….

Pumpkin Bars, Chocolate Chip blondie bars, Butterfinger cake, Fruit Pizza, more Pumpkin Bars, 2 loafs of Banana bread, Pumpkin Pie, and a crockpot full of baked beans. PHEW!!!

Here are a few pictures of these delicious things…most of the pictures are from the internet and a few are from Brian’s phone, but this is what they looked like….

And if you were wondering, yes, they tasted just as good or better than they look in the pictures.

Watch out, Martha Steward! Here I come, Biggest Loser!


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