I now pronounce you a wife.

Being a wife is hard.

There, I said it.

I’m sure even Billy Graham’s wife would have agreed with me on this one. (which, why did no one tell me that she died 3 years ago? Thanks a lot, people. That was important info I should have known. I have to find these things on Google while typing my post. Pshhhh.)

I mean, suddenly, everything you used to do is now under inspection by another human being. Starbucks addiction..check. Laundry not done…check. Dirty dishes in sink….check. Two extra scoops of ice cream….check. Realizing you’re the laziest human being on the planet….check.

But really, what those things really are is accountability. Accountability that we all need in our lives. It’s just A WHOLE LOT EASIER to ask for accountability in some areas of our lives rather than every single aspect of our lives. That’s what you get when you’re married. Accountability in everything. Even when you don’t ask for it, you get it. That’s the beauty and horror of it. And as hard as that is to adjust to, it is amazing and needed and it’s challenging and it’s life-filled and growth-producing.

I haven’t read “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas yet (but i will!!!!), but I know one of his whole concepts is “marriage doesnt exist to make you happy, it exists to make you holy.”

Can we hear an amen?

This journey isn’t about just doing the dishes. It’s about integrity. It’s about honesty. It’s about whether or not I’ll tell my husband I had starbucks 4 times this week using the cash I had in my wallet. Or how godly my response will be when he calls me out on eating that ice cream after I just asked him to help me stay healthy. Or the excuses I’ll make when he asked me if I did my devotions this morning.

Talk about spiritual boot camp.

I wonder if the climbing statistics of divorces have any correlation with the plummeting statistics of church and spiritual involvement/interest in our country?

Those are my thoughts on wifehood for today. Don’t worry..there will be a million more where this came from.


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