Do we rescue the hurting?

Take 52 seconds and watch this video….

We are all aware of people who have been severely “hit” in life. That mega pastor who had an affair. The next door neighbor whose husband just walked out on her. The co-worker who just lost his job. The friend who just got in major trouble with officials because they couldnt break that habit. The woman whose friends turned against her because she was entrenched in lying and “saving face.” You know a few people. So do I.

It’s those situations that are so like car-wrecks. You don’t want to look, but its hard not to. You feel so incredibly sorrowful for the person, and yet, to stand up and give them a hand, or a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on…to be a part of the rescue attempt where we throw the lifesaver of GRACE and and remind them of our Savior..that’s where it gets hard.

BUT, AS CHRISTIANS, THAT IS WHAT WE ARE CALLED TO DO. We are called to the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:18).

You see, we could easily play the blame game. Just like in the video, the second dog could have thought “He should have known he would get hit, playing in the road like that.” Or “its not my fault he got hit.” Or making it personal…”He should have known better than to always schedule dinner meetings with that woman.” “She should have known that hanging out at bars and parties that she would get caught.” “He deserves to be fired the way he slacked around here.”

Heaven forbid we are those people. I pray that not only are we rescuers AFTER someone gets “hit” but that we will work to be rescuers and join God in the ministry of reconciliation FAR FAR FAR before the crisis occurs. BUT, if the crisis does occur, we are called to be the carriers of grace, people of redemption, of forgiveness, of a second chance… condemnation, only truth in love.

I pray that not only will we be ambassadors of Christ to those “playing in the road, fooling with fire”…but that we will most certainly be a glaring light in a world of darkness when people find themselves wounded and broken, laying on the road of life. I pray that we will be the rescuers that take a stand and brave the oncoming traffic to pull the hurting to safety and that we don’t leave them out on the road to die.


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