Brian and I have been spending a lot of time enjoying each others company and enjoying all of the spring activities we can. We’ve gone to a couple Royals games with fireworks, explored KC, a Hillsong United concert, he’s gone turkey hunting and mushroom hunting quite a few times, and we’ve been trying all sorts of new recipes. It’s fun that we can do all of these things together, and it’s been awesome that he’s had so much energy to do everything! I guess it’s a pretty rare thing considering in the past three years of his life, he’s been in and out of treatments which suck the energy right out of you! What’s even better is that there have been little colds and illnesses going around here and there, but so far, Brian has avoided all of them. Hooray for a strong immune system!! 🙂 Life is grand. 🙂

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If you could, would you pray for us on Thursday? Brian goes in for a PET scan this Thursday, April 29, at 9 a.m. and we will get the results at 12:30 p.m. that same day. Normally they would wait 2-3 days for the results because it takes a bit of time to get the results reviewed and taken over to the doctor, but Brian says he thinks the doctors are expecting good results, so they’ll just be able to call over the results when they’re finished. I’m a bit leery that they’ll have the results ready, so just pray for that, too. I’d hate to anticipate all of this and then find out we have to reschedule because the results aren’t ready. In addition to that, just pray for us to be prepared for whatever they say. Most likely, they’ll have great news…that his cancer is either dramatically smaller or completely gone. Even if it’s the same size, Brian says that will be “okay” news. (I’m not sure…but that’s what he says). With anything, there’s a chance that the cancer has grown (although, if we are going on B’s energy and recent lab results, its not likely)….so please be praying for our hearts to handle whatever God has in store for us. We want God’s will, no matter what that looks like.

We hope to be able to share some great news with everyone on Thursday. We will keep you updated.

Thanks for walking this journey with me….and now, walking this journey with us.

I’m excited to see where my life goes, and actually, how this blog with morph and change over the course of the next few months and years. Crazy to read through some of the older posts on here and see God’s hand working through the story of my life. Pretty powerful and awe-striking.

Thanks again.

I’ll write more soon. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. We’ll be anxious to hear Brian’s test results and will keep praying for continued and complete healing for him!

    See you in a month!

  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for God’s will, strength, courage and of course a fast responce. I hope the cancer will be gone, that would be amazing. I know that whatever the outcome, yours and Brians faith will be strong enough to endure when needed and give much thanks where deserved. May God’s will be done, and His name be ever blessed! (((((HUGS)))))

  3. I expect I will be thinking about you and praying for you on Thursday. I had my first PET scan ever myself the day before yesterday, so I know about the uncertainty and strange emotions that this can bring about.

  4. I imagine you are waiting for results right now. Know I have been praying for you guys this morning and continue to do so!

    Love you!

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