I'm a Walking Oxymoron.

Walking oxymoron. That’s who I am.
[as well as a walking moron, but thats a different post entirely]

I’m independent. And yet there are certain people in my life that I cling to and deeply depend on…to the point that it could be unhealthy at times.

I’m a risk taker. And yet, I very much get stuck in my comfort zones. I say I want to make more money, but to be honest, I dont want to leave the comfort of the familiar at my job. I dont want to lose the feeling like I’m actually making a difference at what I’m doing. I dont want to chase the American dollar. Finding a new job scares the crap out of me, even though I know it’s what needs to be done.

I’m passionate. And yet I can easily get sucked into the laziness of life, not lifting a finger for the things my heart beats for.

I’m a go-getter. And yet, if i fall off the bandwagon, I take my sweet-little-ole time gettin’ back on.

I desire selflessness. And yet, sometimes, all I can think about is myself and how I’ll be affected.

I want to be taken seriously. And yet, most times, I really dont want to grow up or do what it takes to gain other people’s respect or to be given responsibility.

I’m ready to conquer the world. And yet, sometimes, responsibility scares the crap out of me.

I love God with all of my heart. And yet, sometimes, I do things that I know do not please him.

I’m a free-spirit. And yet, lists and action steps keep me focused.

I’m strong. And yet, my heart breaks for the littlest of things. I’m blunt and authentic. And yet, I still worry what people think.

I’m bold. And yet, sometimes the smallest of things terrify me.

These things seem like oxymorons. Yet, all of these things reside within this personality that makes up me.


One thought on “I'm a Walking Oxymoron.

  1. OH my I’m so sorry I’m afraid you got the MORON gene from me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!take heart you can over come it as your so YOUNG, I’m just going to take it as a badge of honor or not.
    LOVE ya

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