what money has taught me about grace

Lately, I’ve felt more like a liability than an asset when it comes to money. I feel like a ticking time-bomb just waiting to go off. I thought I used to be in a fairly decent position financially. Last year at this time I had all of my credit cards paid off and was making progress on my student loan..getting a savings account going..all of that.

Then came the car problems….and again…and again…and again… (too many to count. Surprised I haven’t dented it to death for all the times ive wanted to kick and punch that piece of metal). And things started racking up again…and each time i’d be close to making progress, something else would go wrong. Then comes tax season, and thanks to my favorite president ever, as well as my lovely two part-time jobs, I have the fabulous privalege of giving the US Govenerment a hefty little allowance to do with however they please. (can you tell I’m so happy to be contributing to their fund?).

It seems like the harder I work and the more good I try to accomplish, the less progress I make.

I think, in our human nature, we also apply this concept to our spiritual lives. We think we can handle it. If we just stop this little habit or start reading the Bible a little more, we may finally be able to dig ourselves out of the hole we find ourselves in. But the harder we try, the more miserable we fail. We will NEVER get ourselves out of that hole.

Yet thankfully, unlike Uncle Sam or the mechanic [who most likely will never ever grant me a pardon on the money I owe], God clears us of the debt that we owe because of the mess we’ve got ourselves into because of sin. Jesus’ death paid the pentalty. No longer are we slaves, trying to fervently get ourselves out of this hole we’re trapped in. No longer are we obligated to be perfect in order to be guiltless according to the law. No. We are free. We are forgiven. And therefore, we are able to live without this weight on our shoulders or this responsibility to please a holy God with our dirty, filthy attempts at a sacrifice or praise.

We are free to truly worship him. We’re free to start living, growing, and being. We’re no longer dead, dragged down by this world, failing over and over again. No longer do we have to worry about working harder in order to make more progress. Jesus has done it all.

And in view of all of these financial frustrations I find myself in [and maybe you do, too], it makes me EVEN MORE grateful that my life doesnt have to replicate this sickening game of two steps forward, 5 steps back.

Jesus eliminated the game completely.


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