[easier said than done.]

At times we can so desperately cling to those things or those people or those habits that we think will bring us security, provision, pleasure, safety, comfort, fulfillment, sustenance, love, value, joy, peace, contentment. We hold on to them as if they’re our security blanket or a pacifier we just don’t want to give up.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we are totally dependant and reliant on these things. Or people. Or you name it.

But when they are stripped away, then what? We spin out of control, wondering what gives our life meaning…searching for something solid to cling to…crying out for answers to the questions that haunt us.

And this state of disequilibrium is good. it is healthy. I believe it can be God ordained, in order to remind us of the true Solid Rock and where our dependence should lie.

I’m there right now. It’s almost an unplanned, unwanted season of Lent….I didnt choose to be stripped of something so dear to me. But I was. And so I have a choice. I freak out and kick and scream and grasp and cling [i’d prefer to do this, and ive done this quite a few times before…admit it, you have, too]. OR. I can let go. I can cling to God. I can run to him with my pain, ask Him the haunting questions, and TRUST that He has it in control. That He truly is my provider and will meet all my needs. That He really is my sustenance, He alone is more than enough.

So today, maybe you’re participating in Lent by willingly giving up something dear to you. Or, maybe like me, you’ve been thrown into an unwanted season of Lent by having something dear to you stripped away against your will.

Let’s choose to trust God with those things, and to trust His provision in our lives.

[easier said than done.]


One thought on “[easier said than done.]

  1. This may be slightly off topic but… Have you thought that maybe you have become to “comfortable” in your life and circle of friends that God wanted to throw you for a loop. Maybe He is giving you a sign that it’s your time to mix things up and get out of your comfort zone to benefit Him. You may have become too “comfortable” to use your God given gifts for Him or maybe He desires more from your gifts. You recently brought a similar topic up on fb which is what made me think of this. Just a thought…

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