Haiti trip day 1 recap

We’ve made it to Santo Domingo! We arrived at the airport this morning at 4:30am and met up with Global Orphan Project representatives for final instructions and to pick up more bags filled with supplies that we’ll take to the orphanage. All of our flights went smoothly! We had a 4 hour layover in Dallas after our first flight and spent time bonding with our team members and had our day one devotional time (since we thought we’d be too tired tonight!). Each day of our 6-day trip, we will be reading one chapter of Ephesians and discussing it..keeping up with PV’s sermon series. Pretty cool. Chapter one starts off saying that God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing….we know there is no way we’d have the ability to do a thing down in Haiti, or even in Kansas City and the Northland without God blessing us with every spiritual gift we need. He gives us every thing we’ll need to accomplish his purposes down here in Haiti..just as much as he does to accomplish his mission in the states. Right now its about 10:30 pm and our bus will leave here at 4 am for an 8 hour bus ride to the orphanage in Haiti. Pray for us! It will be a tight, crammed, lovely experience. We’ll bond, that’s for sure. Pray, also, for our safety and for smooth crossing through the border. Here’s what I wrote in my journal tonight on our last flight: 

It’s amazing how missions trips break you of your comfort. From losing sleep, to weird smells wafting by you in an enclosed plane, to carrying a heavy back pack, hurting neck and back, not being able to check your facebook every ten seconds on your phone. I rejoice for opportunities like these for they are the very things that crush me out of my comfort. these “inconveniences” break my heart because while I’m busy feeling sorry for myself over my lack of sleep or caffeine headache, I realize that these very “comforts” have numbed me and stolen a little piece of compassion from me. Not even yet in Haiti, and here I am, broken over the fact that so many in the world have so little, yet compared to me im reminded that Jesus came to bring an easy yoke-that he came to simplify life. I rejoice because on day into the trip i am broken already. i realize once again that rich or poor, healthy or sick, young or all, that is all we need. That’s it. 

Gotta get going. 
FYI: They just made it to Haiti but they have farther to go to get to the transitional orphanage.

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