Haiti day 3 update

Today was unreal. The stories are countless. I will try to recount everything I can possibly remember, so I apologize in advance for the length of this update, but there is just SO much that is going on here today that I just have to share. There are stories everywhere. Stories are life, don’t you think? Life is not just a snapshot in time….it is a process, a journey, a story that is constantly unfolding. Our team has come into contact with hundreds of little lives…each that have a story. You can’t simply glimpse into an orhpan’s eyes and forget that moment. You look into an orphans eyes and you see a story. You wonder about the last chapter in the story. You want to benefit this chapter and future chapters of their story. The stories are limitless, yet I am in awe at how such a big God knows every detail of every story. wow.
I should tell you, I did try to upload some photos, but the connection is very slow so it didn’t work out. I may try again tomorrow.
Thank you, first off, for your prayers for Carol. I heard that a prayer request went out..she is feeling MUCH better! Thank you!
Our first story and activity time was awesome. We started off with a story about how jesus LOVES the little children! We sang songs and, let me tell you, these kids know how to worship! In fact, we woke up this morning to children singing praises to God. Life doesn’t get much better than that. But even more amazing than their songs was seeing these kids pray. I figured that when we went to pray, one of our team members would just say one prayer or that the kids would get fidgety..but I’m telling you, these kids KNOW how to pray! They closed their eyes and they each had long, deep, meaningful prayers to their Father. I can’t even begin to describe the experience. It was holy ground.
The kids loved playing with us…each being held, tickled, and hugged. I held a kid today whose eye was hurting him. You can’t help but think of his story. Does he miss his mom? Does someone touch him and love him and care for him as if he was their one and only child? How can you help this one child? And then you look around and you see hundreds. It makes me so humbled and grateful to know that we serve a God who looks after and seeks justice for the orphans.
After our game time, we spent time sorting through the clothes and medications that were sent down with our team. Thank you for your donations!!! They are SO needed here. I can’t even begin to tell you. We sorted out the expired drugs from the current drugs and got everything organized for the GO Project. We put together a few first aid kits, but are hoping to get some donated to send down with the next trip. The nurses are also planning on talking with the “mammas” here at the orphanage to give them a few first aid response tips and general pediatric care. The nurses on our team are AWESOME!
This morning Renise had some contractions, so Michelle was able to examine her a bit. They think Renise is just dehydrated, which could have caused those premature contractions.
Alex and Marjorie, two of our team members, were actually born in Haiti and they speak Creole and are amazing interpreters. Today, they were able to reunite with their father after 10 years…as well as their sister, nieces and nephews and meet their newborn niece who was buried under the rubble after the earthquake. It was an incredible story to be part of..to watch their reuniting and to see how family really works. We were able to give them lots of supplies, food, and things for their baby! It was awesome…especially to see how tangible YOUR work up in Kansas City is being put to work as you so graciously donated supplies.
Today during our afternoon game time, a little boy had a seizure and the nurses jumped right into action. It was quite a scare, but thankfully he is doing okay. Again, our nurses on our team are incredible. Really, every single team member plays a vital part and its awesome to see how each persons gifts are being used..our team has really jelled very well. We make a great team. It’s so cool how the body…each different parts..come together to form a well-functioning body!
If you have been following the GO Project blog, you will know about Pierre, whose leg was broken in the quake. He was brought home from the hospital yesterday. Today we were able to lotion his leg and teach him exercises to strengthen his leg. Like i said before, it might be a minor thing, but it’s yet another interaction with a little life that has a huge story. 
We also had craft time where we had each kid put his hand into paint and place it on a paper plate with their name on it. It was such an incredible time to have a one on one interaction with each child in the orphanage as we helped them with the paint, and then wash each hand individually. Each child was touched and loved today. 
Today Billy was talking to a girl who is in a wheel chair about her story. Apparently she was in a room on the orphanage that had the transformer in it or something similar. When the quake hit, she had burning oil spilled all over her, burning her feet and legs. Without the acute attention of our team, she probably would have gone without proper treatment, but again, our team of nurses diligently got to work at treating the scales on her feet. 
There are also a few kids who are pretty sick here. The mammas brought them to our nurses to get checked out, and it turns out a few of them have fevers so they treated them and are constantly checking on them. There is one little boy who has a pretty high fever and isn’t doing well. I don’t know his name, but our nurses are keeping a constant eye on him. Please be in fervent prayer for him.  
We had an INCREDIBLE day. Despite a few crazy moments and the lights going off a few times, God showed up POWERFULLY today. I am speechless. To be honest, sometimes I wondered how much could really be done over the course of a weekend…but I completely underestimated the huge God we serve. God showed up in unreal ways. From the unity and amazing work of each individual on our team to the countless stories of individual orphans to the reuniting of a family to the tender care of very sick kids…GOD IS HERE.
Tomorrow we leave at 6:30 to head to Carfour (not sure about spelling) where we will attend Moise’s church (if you have been following the GO Project blog). Carfour is the center of the quake. We will be taking at “tap-tap” over there (which I think is just a big open truck/bus thing)..about an hour drive..through Port au Prince…tomorrow we will see the devastation. We have experienced joy, but we know that there is tremendous heartache associated with each of these stories as well. There is happiness and giggles, but we also know that there are aching hearts and serious illnesses here on the orphanage. But we know God is here. And we are so honored and humbled to team with Him and with the GO Project to be the hands and feet of Christ. This thing called the Church surely is a mystery. That the Creator of the Universe could touch the skin of an orphan through people like you and me.
The body of Christ, being his hands and feet, surely is the HOPE of the world.
Thank you again for partnering with us to join in God’s mission.
Be back tomorrow.
PICTURE: Angie is up and to the left in a green shirt… You may have to zoom in: Distributing “Nutritional Biscuits” from the World Food Program  

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