Renise 2

Another update I saw about Renise from the blog at……

Our friends from World Vision showed up today with about 200 toys (big cars, balls, and dolls). Out of the blue, they pull up in an old, ratty truck full of toys. Just like Santa.

The kids lined up. Renise, our 13-year-old who came to us five months pregnant, got to go first. She picked up the biggest doll and went and hid it. She named her doll Jennifer.

Renise is just a child. It breaks my heart knowing she doesn’t fully understand all that is going on. A young girl comes to us via a UNICEF phone call, incredibly alone. Now she is smothered in love by a bunch of strangers. Transformed. Remarkably alive. Her little belly growing each day. God created her for this moment. This moment to break my heart even deeper for the little girls like sweet Renise who have to put their entire future in the lives of strangers. I don’t pretend to know how this will play out, but God does. We have to trust Him.


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