Thank you

Words cannot express how thankful (and shocked) I am by your generosity. If all of the open doors hadn’t confirmed to me that God was indeed asking me to join this mission to Haiti, it has definitely been confirmed now that I’ve reached my goal ABOVE and BEYOND what I needed….in seriously only 2 weeks. Wow.

The more I immerse myself into the stories of those who are on the ground in foreign countries working to expand God’s Kingdom, the more I realize that we’re all in this together. I was reading the blog on yesterday and they mentioned something to the same effect. The local workers in Haiti have the blessing of knowing the language and the culture, while their partners up in the US have the blessing of money and better forms of communication. Currently in Haiti, all sorts of skills are needed…engineers, nurses, moms, pastors, etc. We all need each other.

I needed you. And God used you and your generosity to help me get over to Haiti.

Things are looking good with me being able to communicate from Haiti…I may be able to switch Andy phones and email from there.

Again, if you are still wanting to give directly to our trip, see the post below titled “Almost There” and it will give you more direction for how to give. (feel free to make a comment on your envelope stating that you saw it on my blog.) 🙂

Thank you again!


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