Almost There…

Wow, I am so shocked and humbled by the generosity of everyone…I’m nearly at my goal, and still have a week to go! Wow. In fact, I dont even KNOW some of the people who have given towards my trip. If you’re reading this and you gave to my trip, and i dont know you…THANK YOU!! WOW.

While I’m close to making my goal, my team as a whole still has about $11,000 to go, for everyone to reach their trip costs. If you feel led to still give, you can give to the general Haiti fund, which will go towards helping all Haiti trip participants reach their goal. How do you do that? You’ll download my form (below), cross out my name and just write “Any Haiti Trip Participant”…and cross out the number and write #225, and check option number one. Doing this will get the money straight to the overall Haiti fund, to help anyone and everyone going to Haiti on PV’s teams. You’ll still make the check out the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church and send it to the same place.

In other news, I got all of my immunizations shots, and will go in tomorrow to pick up my anti-malaria pills. Fun stuff!

One way you can pray…Yesterday I came down with a pretty nasty cold/sinus pray i can get over that quickly! It’s no fun having it, and plus, I can’t hang out with Brian until I’m better! Boooo!

Thanks for your prayers!

To help financially…

The trip payment is due in full February 10. $1950+ ($1750 for the trip + $200+ for shots) in 2 weeks. With God, nothing is impossible. There are two ways to donate:

For tax deduction…download the form below


and mail it with cash or check to:

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
c/o Debbie Collin
1600 N 291 Hwy.
Liberty, MO 64068


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