17 days til Haiti!

Only 17 days until my trip…only 9 until all of the money is due. And yet, God has been totally overwhelming me by his provision..i have over half of my funds in just a week! WOW! That is crazy.

You can check out our church blog (that I try to keep updated, as a part of my job) to read more about one of our youth pastor’s trip down to Haiti this past week. (www.pvtalkback.com). He made it back safely, and im looking forward to talking to him a bit about it!

Part of my responsibility in Haiti, being on Communications team, will be reporting all that is happening down there..just like Tim emailed us to keep us informed…I will be the one “reporting live from the equator.” Ha. I’ve gotta figure out what type of phone i can take down there in order to do this…so the church is helping me figure out what i need to do..if i need to rent a phone or something.

A few things you can pray for:

  • That I will get the rest of my funds by Feb. 10
  • That I will be able to get all of my shots, that they wont be too expensive, and that I wont have any bad reactions.
  • That we figure out a way that I can communicate from Haiti to keep everyone updated.
  • That I have an overwhelming love and compassion to serve the Haitians.
  • That I will see the bigger picture..not just to help those in Haiti, but to continue to serve those in need and share Christ to everyone I meet…and that I will also be able to communicate that vision to others and that God will work through my team to encourage others to go on missions as well.
  • For team harmony.
  • For safety and health for my team.
  • For God’s wisdom and guidance, that God will place the right people into each of our paths, and that God will give us the words and actions to speak to their hearts.

Stay tuned!  🙂


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