Consider this your Christmas Card and Holiday Newsletter

You may want to grab a can of Pringles and get yourself comfy on your couch, because this is going to be long. Just a fair warning.

2009. Wow. It seriously seems like yesterday that it just began. I remember last year’s New Year’s party like it was yesterday. Hard to believe it was a year ago. So much has happened…and not happened…in one year. To say it has been uneventful wouldn’t exactly be correct, although for the majority of this year, I have often wondered what God had in store for this season for my life…but each day of this last month or two, I think I am beginning to figure it out.

So here’s a recap of this last year, in a nutshell:

Jan: I quit my job at Starbucks, not knowing where I would find another part time job. The last week of January I was emailed about a position, interviewed, and was hired that same day.

Feb: I started my job at Fulling Management. Celebrated my 23rd birthday in an amazing way! I had a great friend explode my cubicle with birthday goodness (See the pics). My parents also finished off the last few payments of my car for my birthday and I found out, on my birthday, that my tax return would pay off an entire credit card!

Mar: Helped out with PV-KCI student ministry for a bit. I got on a workout kick..but it ended when my schedule got screwed up over Easter. I also started struggling even more with the depression from the events of 2008.

Apr: Helped out with PV-KCI student ministry for a bit. I joined a brand new community group at PV. A friend and I were hoping to start up a support group for hurting teenagers at Westside, but through a series of even more painful events, I was asked to not lead. The wounds from the events at Westside the previous fall were all re-opened and I was left scrambling for any sort of worth or acceptance. I also finally got to the point of forgiving those who had hurt me at Westside, and that is when I really, truly began to grow and heal. I struggled a lot this spring with the feeling of being lost and confused, unsure of what God really had in store for me. I just felt like I was wandering…i felt very invisible. I continued to struggle with that depression. Celebrated my parents’ 30th anniversary and gave them family photos as a gift. (see the pics.)

May: I started serving at PV with media for the worship team. I hit a severe low, and finally sought help, and began the journey of getting my mind and heart back into balance.

June: I still struggled to find a balance in my mind, but work kept me really busy.

July: Started growing a lot in my knowledge of God while my Community Group studied Kay Arthur’s book “Lord, I want to know you.” Submitted a proposal to go full time as Associate Director of Communications at PV.

August: Ashley moved out of the apartment and Andy moved in as my roommate. I also redecorated the apartment. (See the pics.) Leadership Summit. I really surrendered some things to God and began to find my worth in Him and in nothing else..not my career, not my friends, not my own dreams..but in God alone. Kept tweaking my job proposal, and also submitted a secondary request to go full time as Admin Assistant if the position raise did not occur.

September: Revised my portfolio. (Take a look.) Took vacation and spent some time serving and really growing deeper in my relationship with God. Found out that I didn’t get the position increase OR go full time. Again, left wondering what God had in store for my life. Started praying that God would show me the next step He wanted me to take, because obviously i was not good at planning my own life.

October: Started a weight loss competition with Andy. Became an addicted gym rat.

November: Still an addicted gym rat. Lost 10 pounds in a month. Started talking to a guy named Brian from church, and was also really interested in another guy at church. Ran a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. (see the pics.) Thanksgiving night a group of young adults had planned to go to the Christmas lighting at the KC Plaza, but everyone bailed except Brian and I…we had a great time and found a restaurant that was still open on Thanksgiving night and stayed late talking. Went out the next night and stayed out until 2:30 in the morning. Spent nearly every day with him after that.

December: Spent nearly every single day with Brian. Fell head over heels for this man…I can’t say enough good things about him. He is incredible. He took me on the most amazing date in the world…i dont think anyone could top that. We also went out to the Transiberian Orchestra concert on the 23rd. Met his parents at one of his doctors appointments. He met my parents at our church’s Christmas Eve service. Christmas day the weight challenge with Andy was over and I lost a total of 23.6 pounds and I won the competition! Brian came over and spent the evening with my family playing games and watching Planet Earth and him and my dad were both Chatty Kathy’s talking all about outdoors and hunting until really late that night. The next night Brian and I took both of our parents to Buca Di Beppo to meet each other and they hit it off great and we all had a great time!!! Tomorrow night Brian and I will celebrate New Year’s with a small group of people from church with a nice dinner and great conversation. And then we’ll head up to my hometown where he’ll meet both sides of my extended family. yes, its going fast…and its going so amazing. We’ve now started making the joke that we’re both just searching for dealbreakers…because we just can’t find any red flags in this relationship!!! (Some pics of the holidays.)

I am anxiously anticipating what God has in store for my life in 2010 and surrender to His will and want to walk whatever path He lays before me. I will update again soon with more info about Brian and I.

Here’s to a great 2010!


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