Week 6 Challenge Weigh In: BOOYAH!!

I’m pretty pumped up about this week. I’m learning that sometimes you just have to be patient while your body does its thing. There are going to be weeks where your body just naturally stores more water, and there are other weeks where it will function in top condition. I can’t beat myself up for a low number, because sometimes my body is just having an “off week” even if I’ve been working just as hard. That what I’ve learned this week…cuz I’m pretty excited about my progress so far. Actually, I’m stoked…and quite honestly, I still have to step on the scale like 5 times to believe it is actually reading what it says. Another little exciting thing this week is that sometimes I weigh myself on the gym scales just to make sure our one at home is pretty accurate, and this week I got to move the weight thing down an entire notch from the “160” to the “140” …and then just move the little weight marker up from there. Since now I’m officially under 160. BOOYAH!! Andy did pretty good too. We are literally hundreds of a percent away from each other in the total race. Crazy. Never thought that would happen.

Here are this week’s results…

Starting weight: 237.6
Last week’s weight: 220.8
This week’s loss: -3.4
This week’s percentage loss: -1.5
Total percentage loss: -8.50%
Total weight loss: -20.2
Current Weight: 217.4

Starting weight: 170.6
Last week’s weight: 158.8
This week’s loss: -2.8
This week’s percentage loss: -1.7
Total percentage loss: -8.55%
Total weight loss: -14.6
Current Weight: 156.0


4 thoughts on “Week 6 Challenge Weigh In: BOOYAH!!

  1. HI,wow you guys are doing GREAT, you need to let me know what to have in the house for Thanksgiving,also we need to go shopping while you are here.
    keep going I’m so proud of you .
    love grams

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